The Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund Application Form

Scholarship recipients will be incoming freshmen who have superior academic accomplishments and demonstrated leadership skills. The Goizueta Foundation Scholars are expected to maintain a high level of academic achievement and participate in stewardship activities in conjunction with distinguished faculty and The Goizueta Foundation Fellows.


Applicants must be exceptional students admitted at Georgia Tech. However, please do not wait to be admitted by Georgia Tech to apply for the scholarship. All prospective students interested in being considered for the scholarship must submit a complete application for financial aid (including a FAFSA processed by the U.S. Department of Education and the Georgia Tech Application for Scholarships and Financial Aid), CSS Profile to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid by January 31. Additionally, they must submit The Goizueta Foundation Scholarship at Georgia Tech application and essay below by March 1.

For more information about The Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund’s eligibility requirements, selection criteria, awards, scholars’ involvement and participation, and access to mentors, click here. For additional questions, contact OHI Director Jorge Breton at

Please note that you will need to submit an essay at the end of this form. Since the information submitted in other sections of this application form will not be saved until you complete the form in its entirety, you should have your essay ready before you complete the rest of this application form.
Immediate/Closest Family Member Residing in the U.S.
This essay will be used as part of the consideration process for The Goizueta Foundation Scholarship at Georgia Tech. Please limit yourself to 800 words.