Hispanic students in class
Hispanic students in class
Jorge Breton
Hispanic students on Skyles walkway
Hispanic students at the campanille

Welcome to the Office of Hispanic Initiatives (OHI) at Georgia Tech. As part of the Office of the Vice President for Institute Diversity, the Office of Hispanic Initiatives is committed to:

  • assisting in the recruitment of high-achieving, talented Hispanic/Latino students to Georgia Tech;
  • enhancing the educational experience for Hispanic/Latino students at Georgia Tech through fostering an inclusive and supportive environment on campus; and
  • promoting Hispanic/Latino students through programs that help them grow academically, personally, and professionally while at Georgia Tech and prepare them for success after graduating.

The Office of Hispanic Initiatives serves as a central resource for all members of the Georgia Tech Hispanic/Latino community, including prospective and current students and their families, faculty, and staff.

As you explore our Web site, please contact us for any questions you may have about the Office of Hispanic Initiatives or the programs and services we provide.

“The Office of Hispanic Initiatives has been my main support system at Tech. Their various programs, such as Latino Welcome Weekend, really made me see and feel the close-knit Hispanic community on campus. The determination by the Office of Hispanic Initiatives to recruit more Hispanic and Latino students is greatly increasing the members of this community. It truly makes Tech a home away from home.”
Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2012